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Agents aren’t salespeople, they’re CEOs. 

This is the philosophy behind Compass, a disruptor in the real estate industry that’s a tech innovator first, luxury brokerage second. Compass is building the first modem real estate platform, paring top agents with technology to help everyone find their place in the world.




With an aggressive growth strategy, Compass has the ambition to be in the top 20 U.S. cities and capture 20% of the market by 2020. San Francisco is a priority, and the company aims to snatch nearly half of market share by the end of the year.




Compass can achieve that goal if they poach the top 5,000 agents in San Francisco. To that end, we needed to create a campaign that spoke to two audiences: directly target the top agents, but in a way that also resonates with the discerning luxury homebuyer.


"Will technology replace real estate agents?"




Disruption can be a triggering word; it evokes fear and anxiety for the disrupted, but opportunity for the disruptors.

Newspaper headlines would have many agents believe we’re reaching real estate Armageddon. From giant tech entrants like Zillow to the “death” of the traditional brokerage, agents fear their own obsolescence. But Compass agents are protagonists of the real estate tech revolution, not its victims. Compass is unique among brokerages in that it gives agents equity in the company and a stake in its future success.



Attracting top talent is key to their success. Compass is the Ivy League of brokerages. 

Compass agents aren’t part-timers or bored housewives for whom real estate is a half-assed hobby. They’re ambitious hustlers transforming their practices into empires. In a cut-throat industry, Compass is a prestige badge and fast ticket to the top.


Out of 40,000 applicants in 2017, Compass only hired 1%.



And once agents join, they stay. Compass’s 98% retention rate is unheard of in the high-turnover industry.

After digging through over 250 employee reviews, we discovered that Compass’s only “con” is precisely what makes it a “pro” for these ambitious hustlers. Most couldn’t cite any "cons", except that an entrepreneurial, high-performance culture is also what makes Compass not for those intimidated by change.



We knew this mindset would resonate with the culture of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. 

Newly-minted tech millionaires are fueling the booming luxury real estate market, and these power players look for luxury brands that align with their values. With many Compass execs coming from likes of Google and Amazon, it’s a community of early adopters that all speak the same language.


"If you aren't open to learning and evolving, Compass is not for you."

-Compass Agent, Glassdoor



People with ideas are either a threat or a motivation. Hustlers attract other hustlers. 




If you don't disrupt the status quo, you might just become it.

  • What’s the best way to provoke smart, ambitious agents with big egos? A competitive challenge to see if they have what it takes to be "agents of change". 
  • Let’s show these power players that their ingenuity is too good for a stale competitor. Compass agents are drivers of the real estate revolution, not its followers. 



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