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PeachCap is the next Uber in wealth management.

Like personal drivers, “home offices” – white glove, holistic wealth services – have been around for decades, but only for the uber-rich. PeachCap is democratizing the home office by bringing tax, financial, and emotional intelligence together under one roof for Main Street advisors and their clients. Marrying Wall Street smarts with a Silicon Valley attitude, PeachCap’s guiding ethos is the antithesis to the dogmatic, stodgy industry conventions it set out to disrupt.



As a growing company, PeachCap needs to recruit A-players who share the brand's progressive philosophy. But like most startups, PeachCap is on a shoestring budget and has little brand recognition among financial advisors in a crowded market.




We were tasked with driving brand awareness among independent advisors in New York and Atlanta and generating 1-2 advisor team recruitment leads in each market. Our campaign needed to be threefold:

- Generate brand buzz at launch by targeting advisors where we’d know they’d be
- Lift brand consideration by increasing attendance at PeachCap’s roadshow event.
-Drive conversion at the culminating roadshow event with 1-2 recruitment leads


With 18,225 RIAs, the independent channel has become so popular that it is squeezed out of opportunity.




Once seen as unchartered territory, independent has indeed become the new norm in wealth management.

Growing demand for “holistic” wealth services is driving a mass exodus to independent channels. For Breakaway advisors, independence is an opportunity to realize their unique business vision and offer greater client value. But as the entire industry shifts in the same direction, independent "wealth generalists" are losing their competitive power.



What's more, 80% end up merging or affiliating with large financial institutions to effectively scale the type of high-end services clients demand. 

What then, is the point of becoming independent?



Independent advisors are being set up to fail by the available RIA options in the market. 

Forced to use a massive support ecosystem as a crutch, advisors are not only undermining their own independence, they’re less effective at delivering holistic solutions. Convergence had created a “sea of sameness" landscape flooded with generic “me too” propositions.


Billion-dollar RIAs are 4% of the market, but control 60% of the assets.



By trying to be “different”, independents are becoming the consensus they think they’re outsmarting.  

It’s called the Hipster’s Paradox, and there’s a mathematical equation that explains this behavior. Nobody was taking the risk to be different enough. 



Do it different, do it right. 

Empower advisors to reclaim their independence with PeachCap, a one-stop-shop they can believe in. PeachCap is the antidote to the tired category approach with a subversive, tongue-in-cheek attitude that inspires advisors to buy in to independence, not sell out.



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“Excuse our independence”

First, we defined the brand’s voice with a defiant – yet aspirational - manifesto that captured PeachCap’s provocateur ethos. Then, we introduced Rebel, PeachCap’s most disruptive proprietary EQ Avatar, to advisors across Atlanta and NYC as the brand spokesperson.

In addition to targeted Digital/Social ads and media partnerships, we leveraged guerilla OOH tactics to reinforce the disruptive messaging, including city street “sticker” takeovers in contextually relevant areas. All executions drove advisors to the launch microsite where they could learn more about PeachCap and secure an invitation to the roadshow.

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